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TeleBielingue live at the video shoot «Wonderland»

«The Nidau vintage bistro and Tim Burton's world-famous film «Alice in Wonderland». These were exactly the main ingredients for the new music video from the opera/pop duo Dust of Soul.» TeleBielingue was there live with a report … Moderator Thomas Odermatt (Source: TV...

Megatrends at Shopping Center Forum 2021

Lifestyle hubs instead of temples of consumption: the shopping centers are in the midst of a transformation that is also a time of reconsideration and (re-) vitalization. «Dust of Soul» also take an active part in this change. They call their concerts «Positive Music...

Bieler Tagblatt about Dust of Soul

"Anyone who goes to our concerts should feel better afterwards." The daily newspaper «Bieler Tagblatt» writes about Dust of Soul, its concept «Positive Music Power» and its new «Wonderland Concert Show». “She is living her dream”, is the title of the full-page article...

Dust of Soul in Biel with «Wonderland»

«Saskia (Dusty) Stäuble made the jump from the kitchen onto the stage.» Read the article here online. Biel-Bienne_Seite_13Download Biel Bienne, 24/25 August 2021, Page 13 Biel-Bienne_Seite_13Download Article by Biel-BiennePhoto by Joel SchweizerText by Michael...

‘How Many Times’ Teaser Out Now

New music video teaser ‘How Many Times’ Out Now!

First live stream «Piano with MiKey»

Dust of Soul welcome you to a new series of «Piano with MiKey». They take you onto a journey with free improvised piano compositions along with a strong Dust of Soul message.

New Album «Wonderland» This Summer 2021

Dust of Soul announces their new album «Wonderland» to be released in summer 2021.

Tastenträume at the Lake, at Cinema, at Shopping Center Forum

Live shows with a Grand Piano “Live at the Lake” on a wonderful late summer evening in Lucerne. And right in a movie theatre for a live performance after a music video premiere. Always there: the Tastenträume Grand Piano.

2020 Oman National Day celebration with Swiss song of love

Oman Radio 90.4 FM welcomes Dust of Soul back to the Sultanate of Oman virtually amongst the 50th National Day celebration – the recognisable local band from Switzerland who has got an incredible dedication to the country of Oman through their songs and compositions

Indian-Swiss romance hits 100,000 views

Four different musicians are getting together to meet the greatest love of their lives: Music Love is an epic hymn, a story of romance and journey of the soul.


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