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Live on Ice Landesmuseum Zurich with Swiss Champion in figure skating

20 December 2016

Dust of Soul presented a symphony on ice – a concert with their famous musical show & the ice dancing by Swiss Champion in figure skating Sandrine Hofstetter. Music with pirouettes on the «Live on Ice» ice-field at the Swiss national museum in Zurich

It reminds of the classic fairy tales of Walt Disney, Dust of Soul’s musical show on the ice. This Sunday afternoon was exactly for Dust of Soul to spread the charm into the world. As a highlight of the year 2016, the Swiss music duo surprised with a performance that none of their past ones was like: «Symphony on Ice» is exactly what the numerous guests experienced. A concert packed with the powerful songs of Singer Dusty & Pianist MiKey presented in an incredible show of ice dancing by Swiss champion in figure skating Sandrine Hofstetter.

The figure skater conjured up pirouettes on the ice and set accents and tore the audience into a magnetised mood when Singer Dusty reached the highlight of her new songs «Friendship», composed especially for the «Live on Ice» concert in Zurich. The song tells the story of the first friendship of Saskia Stäuble, also known as singer Dusty, to her plush toy bear. It symbolises the power of friendship and reminds us that we all have this strength inside of us.
Also the all-time musical hit «New York, New York» went into the second round for the «On Ice» concerts as two days before in Lucerne in front the Culture and Convention Centre KKL. «Melody» tells of this love to oneself, about this true love, compares it with the Broadway anthem and reminds of Dust of Soul’s time in Manhattan.

The two artists did not find anywhere else but in NYC the inspiration to a lot of compositions and experienced their concert premiere on Broadway. This fire to make everything out of oneself and to build on one’s own dreams, the musicians live through and through and thus «melt the ice in our hearts» as columnist Saskia Stäuble wrote in the «Luzerner Rundschau» in mid-December. Read the column here: click here for the columns

Especially in Switzerland is the intermediate exchange particularly under cooled. For their own heart music Dust of Soul dares to perform on the ice and tries to create a proximity with self-composed songs & embassies

Dust of Soul

But the attention was not just directed to the ice: Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter offered a fascinating light orchestration on the facade of the Swiss National Museum, so the ambience was perfect. Gerry’s lighting brought more light to the event, especially with each minute getting darker. Not to be forgotten, however, is the 2,20 meter long and 380 kilogram heavy Shigeru concert grand piano of the brand Kawai, which was brought by the music house Krompholz Lucerne to Zurich and put on the ice field. It was a collaboration that demanded a great deal when one considers that such a large instrument is pushed onto «frozen water». Pianist Michael Odermatt, who was able to raise melodies and harmonies from the beautiful piece of jewelery, was particularly trembling and excited. And he did so with full fervour. The Grand Piano would be hard to miss with the Swiss music duo. It finds its place next to Dust of Soul as a «third man» on stage. Only with the Grand Piano are the artists complete. So, in the future, Dust of Soul will only be performing with the Grand Piano in other crazy concert locations and events. Dust of Soul is proud to have found a partner with Krompholz for these two events on the ice, because just as the piano was packed and gently loaded, the first snowflakes fell and relieved the tension of Dusty & MiKey. They did everything to make two unforgettable concerts happen without an alternative date. And they have succeeded.

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