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Indian-Swiss romance hits 100,000 views

Four different musicians are getting together to meet the greatest love of their lives: Music Love is an epic hymn, a story of romance and a journey of the soul.

Awake at night, because your passion is not letting you go… Let your heart break so your soul can heal… A new music video filmed in Mumbai, Maharashtra with Indian Rapper Noxious D. and Indian Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist Ketan Mohite.

“There is love in the air. Break your heart, heal your soul.”

Music Love (Official Music Video) – Release on the official Dust of Soul YouTube channel

International Cast & Crew

Dust of Soul present MUSIC LOVE
Starring: Singer Dusty, Noxious D., Pianist MiKey, Ketan Mohite
Produced by: Dust of Soul
Co-Produced by: Winston Jose
Directed by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Co-Directed by: Winston Jose
Story by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Music by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt, Noxious D.
Lyrics written by: Saskia Stäuble
Rap Lyrics written by: Noxious D.
Hindi Lyrics written by: Ketan Mohite
Director of Photography: Winston Jose
Edited by: Michael Odermatt
Assistant Cinematographer: Sibien James
Lights & assistants by: Winston Jos
Production Head: Bejoy Yarghese
Stylist & Make-up by: Mohini Nanaware
Hair by: Nandni Palkund
Casting by: Saskia Stäuble
Copyright © 2020 Dust of Soul. All rights reserved.
Music Recorded at Dust of Soul Studios
Music Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London
All Artworks & Designs are sole property of Dust of Soul.

“Another amazing hit! Thank you! We wish you creative success!”

Kaprika Media

“Lot’s of love from all of as at Dust of Soul. Please share the love and collaboration.”

Special Thanks:
Roland Artist Centre Mumbai
The Dharavi Dream Project
Dolly Rateshwar

• Title photography by Dust of Soul Studios
• Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odermatt

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