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Swiss Artists pro­mot­ing their music in Oman

6 March 2016

Dust of Soul is invit­ed into the mid­dle east for meet­ings and the next steps about plan­ning events and con­certs in Mus­cat, Oman – Dust of Soul’s pre­miere on the con­ti­nent Asia

All of us know the sto­ries of 1001 nights in the famous Ara­bia and love this wist­ful world of heart and soul. But espe­cial­ly we love the Ara­bic sounds – this unique mys­ti­cal music so far away from our world and yet so close in our hearts.

Dust of Soul has a strong con­nec­tion with the Arab world since the begin­ning of music jour­ney in 2012, as a singer, lyri­cist and com­pos­er Sask­ia Stäu­ble (aka Dusty), from Basel, and pianist and com­pos­er Michael Oder­matt (aka MiKey), from Lucerne, in Switzer­land met for the first time and set off togeth­er on their music journey.

From North Africa to the Mid­dle East

Led by their hearts Tunisia “called” them through the social net­work Face­book where Dust of Soul has giv­en until today six con­certs and trav­eled back again for three years.

But the sto­ry has only just begun, as a Tunisian friend of the two Swiss musi­cians start­ed doing busi­ness in Mus­cat and began to talk about the two “Tunisian Swiss” – which is how they are referred to on the radios in Tunis. A few days lat­er Sask­ia and Michael were on their way to Mus­cat, the cap­i­tal of the coun­try of Oman, which tells a sto­ry as how it only our heart knows.

It is not the beau­ti­ful warm cli­mate, the stun­ning scenery or the pow­er­ful Ara­bi­an Sea on the Gulf of Oman. It is the peo­ple that make Oman to what it is: A heart full of music. For as the soul of the music touch­es us in the heart, also has Oman this won­der­ful not being able to be cap­tured soul in the eyes of the peo­ple who live here. Human­i­ty shows every vis­i­tor the great­est esteem and the respect that each and every­one deserves and takes us peace­ful­ly and atten­tive by the old­est inde­pen­dent coun­try in the Arab world.

Dust of Soul with Moosa Al-Farei from Atheer in Oman
Dust of Soul with Moosa Al-Farei from Atheer

Oman has a strong and pow­er­ful vision that is dri­ving the coun­try for­ward into a new world. A world like it has always been with­in our hearts, but is nowhere else in the world found like this. It is a unique feel­ing to expe­ri­ence life today in Oman and to feel this very strong and pow­er­ful vision.

Music and the Sultan

The Sul­tan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al Said, is appre­ci­at­ed and respect­ed because he cares for Oman and the world in a unique way. Unlike many oth­ers, he sym­bol­izes peace and sees the soul of men and the world, such as espe­cial­ly in music that he adores very much. That shows his vision of the Roy­al Opera House quite clear­ly. These refine­ments and details, this charm and splen­dor. An idea as it can only come from a rich heart and inspires us all. Par­tic­u­lar­ly the Swiss Duo Dust of Soul, who has already been allowed to be guest with their music in Amer­i­ca, Africa and Europe, finds here in the Mid­dle East in Oman a new dimen­sion to the idea of love. A first com­po­si­tion about Oman of the vocal­ist from Dust of Soul graces the state­ment “The Col­or of Oman is Love”. And it will be a very spe­cial song that reflects the coun­try grat­i­tude and wish­es to redeem his honor.

Dust of Soul is lucky to be allowed to be a guest at the Roy­al Opera House in Mus­cat and to feel the unique­ness of the pow­er­ful vision in all its uni­ty. The music con­nects peo­ple always. It has this soul and the pow­er to uni­ver­sal­ly address each and one of us. Not through words, but through the heart. The music can move and touch. It may spawn a change in the world. And it can also car­ry human­i­ty, as you can feel in Oman, into the whole world.
Sask­ia Stäu­ble and Michael Oder­matt from Dust of Soul are proud and hon­ored to con­tribute and to enrich with their pow­er­ful music peo­ple all over the world with a “piece of Oman” – the col­or of love – a lit­tle. But espe­cial­ly is the Swiss Duo priv­i­leged to give their music to peo­ple in Oman. 

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