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Dust of Soul MTV India Show

MTV India show with Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurrana

The music duo Dust of Soul made its debut in an Amphitheater stage with its performance at the Muscat City Ampthitheater Qurum on 26 October 2017. The host introduced Dust of Soul as “the sensation duo from Switzerland”. As the opening act for the Indian Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurrana, Dust of Soul performed their hit song “Believe” and the Swiss love song for Oman “The Color of Oman is Love” in front of a full stadium with several thousands of people.

It’s been an amazing story and one wonders how two Swiss artists can make it onto a MTV India stage in Oman? Well, behind the scenes it goes back a pretty long course. It all started on New York’s Broadway where Singer Dusty and Pianist MiKey traveled shortly after their formation as “Dust of Soul”. At the end the musician’s duo lived in Manhattan for about six months. The two experienced their first climax in a creative phase and composed several songs, keen to share them and get a response. This is how they first appeared on stage on Broadway in piano bars and concert halls. Whilst their career the two Swiss built a community on Facebook that started to grow very quickly. Soon a popularity established in the Arab world. The north african country Tunisia took them by storm. Which is why the artists decided to follow that lead and find out why their music reaches out to people in a place that is so very different from New York or Switzerland.

From New York to Oman

Years later, a young Tunisian engineer supposed to the duo to take the promotion of their music further onto the Arabian Peninsula, as he shifted to the kingdom of Oman for business reasons and was captivated by musical interest and possibilities. The cultural love was largely shared by the ruling Sultan. For this reason he sponsored a magnificent Royal Opera House highlighted with international shows and concerts for the people of Oman. Inspired by this story, Dust of Soul ventured to the Middle East, completely unaware of what to expect. 

The year after in autumn, Dust of Soul had gained valuable friendships and made strong acquaintances with various notable people from various fields and industries. Moreover have they found friends that have become family over time. 

Dust of Soul organised quite a dozen shows in the Middle East by today and built their growing audience with the help of their friends. This is how the cultural exchange evening came in October 2017, which Dust of Soul initiated with the collaborative help of Lubna Al-Balushi, who is a poet writing and performing poetry in four languages. You can check our her work here on her website.

MTV India

The event was advertised as “Humanity First – Music & Poetry” by international artists. Grand Hyatt Muscat offered a hall with an intimate space and a flair of elegance. The audience was mixed with curious hotel guests and Omani people interested in music and the arts in general. VIP guests were Swiss Ambassador’s first assistant and TV star Saif Al-Foori. Read more about the happening here.

Among the audience were board members of the MTV show that is soon to happen in Muscat. Dust of Soul had already arrived from their flight to London for a next appearance, when the board called and booked Dust of Soul for the show.

Dust of Soul rearranged their plans for Europe for two weeks and returned to the Sultanate where they attended press conferences and TV interviews. Watch the interview with Times of Oman TV here online

Already after a few days, Dust of Soul stepped onto the MTV India stage at the City Amphitheater Qurum, Oman’s biggest stage just two hours south-east of Dubai. They performed with the champion of the 2017 ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’ Indian singing contest, Haitham Rafi, and Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurrana with this Band “Ayushmann Bhava”. 

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The full Dust of Soul MTV India show performance is available on DVD with the album “Dust of Soul In Colors” through the online shop. Preview a teaser right here below:

• Title photography by Tawfiq Al Bolushi | Qismatt89
• Article photographs by Tawfiq Al Bolushi | Qismatt89
• Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odermatt

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