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Lovesick. Heartache. Dust of Soul release Rainbow

Lovesick. Heartache. Many of us know about the deep pain of lovesickness. Others are spared in part.

My first love was true, intense and wild. And I thought about my future. But then the break came. I did not know that a breakup could pull you down like this. But then: Getting up again and realizing that everything belongs together. A lot starts only when it ends. Internal growth only begins when rain falls. 
Rainbow is the expression of the strength that I have gained again and again through emotional injuries, until today. Thanks to everyone who laughs, whispers, and applauds behind my back, this makes me stronger and stronger.”

Singer Dusty, Dust of Soul

Rainbow is part of the “In Colors” album release back in March 2019. And yet it is more up to date then ever. 

This crisis affects everyone’s daily life. We all need to step back on social activities with our friends and families in the sake to help our society. Our lives are not in the least like our normal everyday life and we face challenges that we have not thought of before.

We are forced to look into ourselves and to deal with the situation as best we can, although we lack any experience.

“An intense mood beautifully created by Dusty’s singing and Michael’s music and their lyrics! Enjoyed it, Dust of Soul!”

Lakshmi Kothaneth

“Wonderful emotions created by Dust of Soul artists Dusty and MiKey. Congratulations on this meaningful new music video and the message it conveys. Well done!”

Humanity First

With more than 40’000 views in the first three days and nearing 180’000 views two week after the official release this is a true success.

• Title photography by Dust of Soul
• Official Music Video on YouTube
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• Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odermatt

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