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First live stream «Piano with MiKey»

Dust of Soul welcome you to a new series of «Piano with MiKey». They take you onto a journey with free improvised piano compositions along with a strong Dust of Soul message.

New Album «Wonderland» This Summer 2021

Dust of Soul announces their new album «Wonderland» to be released in summer 2021.

Tastenträume at the Lake, at Cinema, at Shopping Center Forum

Live shows with a Grand Piano “Live at the Lake” on a wonderful late summer evening in Lucerne. And right in a movie theatre for a live performance after a music video premiere. Always there: the Tastenträume Grand Piano.

Music in times of the Corona crisis

When everything is going normally it is easy to be there for each other. But what if the extraordinary situation is proclaimed? Dust of Soul say thank you to everyone who gives everything during the Corona crisis to help people with their new song ‘Min Held’.

Opera/Pop debut performance kicks off India Tour 2020

Mumbai is full of Bollywood, culture – international artists bringing audiences to different venues, clubs, and bars every single night. And Mumbai is also the city where Dust of Soul will appear live for the first time in India.

48th Oman National Day Amphitheatre Show in Muscat

For the first time ever on a Oman National Day Swiss artists perform together with Omani musicians

Swiss Artists promoting their music in Oman

Dust of Soul is invited into the Middle East for Meetings and the next steps about planning events and concerts on the Arabian peninsula


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