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MiKey with MiKey

First live stream «Piano with MiKey»

Dust of Soul welcome you to a new series of «Piano with MiKey». They take you onto a journey with free improvised piano compositions along with a strong Dust of Soul message.

For the first time, on 24th March 2021, Dust of Soul was streaming Dust of Soul Pianist MiKey live on Facebook. Watch the live stream now here online:

Supported by Tastenträ

The unique piano store in Buchs near Aarau – A-Zulauf Musikinstrumente GmbH – is fulfilling piano dreams. Rainer Zulauf, the owner and CEO, supports Dust of Soul with music instruments on live concerts and for music production. Also for the «Piano with MiKey» series is Dust of Soul fortunate to use a digital piano from Yamaha. Experience more pianos on the official website: www.tastenträ

More episodes of the series «Piano with MiKey» are following very soon. Stay tuned and follow Dust of Soul here and on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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