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2020 Oman National Day celebration with Swiss song of love

Oman Radio 90.4 FM welcomes Dust of Soul back to the Sultanate of Oman virtually amongst the 50th National Day celebration – the recognisable local band from Switzerland who has got an incredible dedication to the country of Oman through their songs and compositions

New music videos in Swiss cinema with live performance

Dust of Soul are known for their adventurous projects. In 2020 they continue as they did in the previous seven years: in January 2020, they shot two new music videos in Mumbai. The cinema STATTKINO Bourbaki showed them exclusively in a cinema premiere in Switzerland....

Positive Music Power at the Shopping Center Forum 2020

Dust of Soul accompanied this YEAR’S SWISS CONGRESS of the 13th SHOPPING CENTER FORUM 2020 with “Positive Music Power”.

Lovesick. Heartache. Dust of Soul release Rainbow

Lovesick. Heartache. Many of us know about the deep pain of lovesickness. Others are spared in part. My first love was true, intense and wild. And I thought about my future. But then the break came. I did not know that a breakup could pull you down like this. But...

Opportunities lurk even in this crisis

“Is there anyone out there whose lives are not touched by the corona virus pandemic?”, Muscat based ‘Black & White Oman’ is asking. They published an article featuring Dust of Soul as part of their Corona Diaries in their online magazine.

Victory – When Swiss Opera/Pop meets India

Swiss ‘Opera Pop’ is the first of its kind. What happens when it meets Indian music? A powerful fusion is created. Dust of Soul created ‘Victory’ from it. And a music video production in the Dharavi slums of Mumbai.

The Power of Music as a Healing of Mental Health

Music has a huge power. This is proved by science. The association GLEICH UND ANDERS Switzerland, in cooperation with Dust of Soul, has developed the concept “Einsortiert – Mal Anders” – an event series concentrated to the promotion of mental health.

A Swiss Song of Love for Oman

Being on their third voyage to Oman, Dust of Soul states to Oman Observer to give «final touches to their song “Color of Oman”»

Peace Concert in Tunisia

Dust of Soul initiated in cooperation with Peace Tunisia a ‘Peace Concert’ to build a bridge between worlds and unite people to stand together


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