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Live on Ice show KKL Lucerne

19 December 2016

Dust of Soul presented in cooperation with the music house Krompholz Luzern a 2,20 meter Grand Piano on the ice field on the Europaplatz in front of KKL Luzern and fascinated in three performances “on ice” in the romantic scenery at the lake with the lights of the city and the Christmas charm

Dust of Soul once again conjured up a fantastic mood and surprised us with a whole new appearance: “Dust of Soul on Ice” was the title this time. And that was meant seriously by the internationally known music duo. In cooperation with the Musikhaus Krompholz Luzern, Dust of Soul presented a real acoustic 2.20 meter concert grand piano of the brand «Shigeru Kawai» on the ice field. Thus singer Dusty and pianist MiKey dared the balancing act after their Oman project in the dunes of Maskat with over 40 degrees Celsius on the ice, where scarcely 0 degrees Celsius prevailed.

The well-known and renowned “Live on Ice” took place for the fifth time in a row on the Europaplatz in front of the KKL, the Lucerne Cultural and Convention Center. Dust of Soul organised “Dust of Soul Live on Ice” and attracted a Swiss-wide audience to Lucerne last Friday evening.

Crowds of people gathered around the ice field at 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm, when Dust of Soul dared onto the ice and convinced with her own musical style. Singing and piano-playing is what makes Dust of Soul outstanding. However, it is not just the music that Dust of Soul transports. The embassies are also particularly: believing in oneself, never ceasing to dream in the middle – perfectly matching the motto at this year’s “Live on Ice” – “Enchanted Dreaming”.
Joy and excitement was formally written in the faces of the musicians as they entered the ice field, and the fans and fans of the duo, who have accompanied Dust of Soul for their four and a half years of music travel, have not done anything else.

The memories stay within us forever, moments move us to in our most inner self. feelings enchant our perception and make us happy, our dreams lead us there where our heart is

Dust of Soul

Whether at concerts in Switzerland or via Facebook, YouTube and their website on their travels in New York, Europe, North Africa or recently in the Middle East, Dust of Soul managed to conjure up a one-year glory and with the “On Ice”-firework to end the year 2016 and thank. Dust of Soul is much more than singing and Grand Piano-playing and powerful messages. Dust of Soul is humanity in our hearts. It is also based on the philosophy of Dust of Soul – “It’s about Respect, Passion and Love”.
Dust of Soul thanks her great team of helpers – friends and fans of the duo. A big thank you to the “Live on Ice”, presented by Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter, and his team consisting of Daniel Lenheer, Hans Lenheer and Martin Schraner. They supported and accompanied Dust of Soul in the run-up to the preparations. A further thank you goes to the photographer Rolf Kälin of Photogra4You who set Dust of Soul in a unique dreamingly scenery. In addition, a thank you to B+T Bild und Ton for the setting of the concert. And, of course, a huge thank you to the Musikhaus Krompholz Luzern, to the team of Alexander Steinegger Ralf Anderegg and Michel, who professionally placed the 2.20 meter concert grand piano on the ice field. The following short film and the impressions show the highlights and the backdrop of the evening.

Dust of Soul On Ice «Live on Ice» 2016 Europaplatz Lucerne (Short Film)

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