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Dust of Soul in Hall of Fame in Italy

Eternalised in Italian Hall of Fame

Dust of Soul has been eternalised in the Hall of Fame at the Italian Haute Couture Designer Cleofe Finati by Archetipo

The Haute Couture Designer Cleofe Finati by Archetipo made it official yesterday evening in Milan: Dust of Soul is eternalized in the ‘Hall of Fame’ at Archetipo in Milan, Italy. Together with other international celebrities such as F1 pilot Ralf Schuhmacher, crooner Jürgen Drews, duo Igudesman & Joo, the Swiss Duo Dust of Soul will from now on be honored on this glorious Hall of Fame.

Dust of Soul and Archetipo have indeed a lot in common: Their values for true authenticity and originality come from their passion and intimacy to provide a unique experience the customers are proud of for years.

Dust of Soul
Cleofe Finati Hall of Fame
Archetipo Group Hall of Fame

The label Cleofe Finati by Archetipo is known for its authentic values and highest standard of professionalism. Producing 100% of its collection in Italy by hand, the haute couture designer sets the highest level in the fashion industry.

Since February 2014, the Archetipo Group in Milan is supporting Dust of Soul with the magical Archetipo look by Cleofe Finati pianist MiKey is dressed with in his concerts.

Photography of Pianist MiKey by Derrick Feole | Feole Images
Collage by Cleofe Finati by Archetipo
Text by Michael Odermatt

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