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New Music Video Smile by Dust of Soul to be released soon featuring Indian Actor Yash Choudhary

Swiss artists with two music video Shootings in Mumbai

Dust of Soul are known for their adventurous stories. In 2020 they continue exactly the way they have been working like in the past seven years: Two new music video shootings were realised in the city of Mumbai. Today, Dust of Soul launched a first teaser poster of a promising new style.

Dust of Soul travel around the world with their music. 2017 they first collaborated with Indian artists in Muscat: Dust of Soul were the opening act for the Indian Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurrana at the City Amphitheater Qurum, Muscat biggest outdoor concert event venue. It was a enormous success.
A year later, the two artists were inspired by the Indian music, rhythms, and styles, and started to experiment with a mixture of their unique Swiss ‘Opera Pop’ genre and Indian instruments. They succeeded and released a first single named ‘Flow’ ahead of their debut album launch in November 2018. The song featured a catchy pop melody combined with Indian instruments and rhythms. Dust of Soul filmed the music video with dancers from the the Muscat based Indian school “White Rose Institute of Music & Arts”. More than 30 kids participated in the music video shooting. On top of that three artists cooperated in Switzerland when Dust of Soul filmed the final clips for the video. The video was launched at the album release event in March 2019.

Dust of Soul – Flow (Official Music Video)

For the album, Dust of Soul featured a second Indian styled song named ‘Victory’. Victory is about the inner victory. Victory over fears, boundaries, and despairs. For this story, Dust of Soul traveled to India and filmed in the Dharavi their new music video. The Dharavi are the second largest slums worldwide. Young artists collaborated and performed breakdance, beat-boxing, rapping, and graffiti art in front of the camera. Dust of Soul put all this together and released their video on 26 October 2019. Within two month it was watched more than 500’000 times making it a huge success.

Dust of Soul – Victory (Official Video) feat. Mc Siddu (With The Dharavi Dream Project Mumbai)


With Smile Dust of Soul initiate their third fusion project with India. This time they feature the collaboration with Indian actor Yash Choudhary. The song will be released early 2020 as a single from their next coming album.

Smile Teaser Poster

Dust of Soul worked with a film team led by cinematographer Winston Jose. Winston and his team are professionals in the Indian film making industry and co-produced and co-directed the video shooting based on the story by Dust of Soul.

Indian Actor Yash Choudhary featured in new Dust of Soul Music Video Smile
Indian Actor Yash Choudhary starring in new Dust of Soul Music Video ‘Smile’
Music Video Shooting Smile by Dust of Soul
Singer Dusty starring in new Dust of Soul Music Video Smile

The music video Smile will be released in early 2020.

Music Love

Music love is therefore already Dust of Soul’s fourth fusion project with India. Two Indian musicians are working with Dust of Soul on the new song: Rapper Noxious D and singer-songwriter Ketan Mohite. The song is a declaration of love for the music. All musicians find themselves in this love and come together to celebrate it in a song. The song will be release later in spring 2020 as the second single release from the coming next Dust of Soul album.

Titel Photography by Dust of Soul
Videos by Dust of Soul Official YouTube Channel
Teaser Poster by Dust of Soul Studios
Photographies by Dust of Soul
Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odermatt

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