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Dust of Soul in front of Tour Music Fest Wall

Top 10 finalist in Switzerland at European Contest «Tour Music Fest»

The 12th edition of the Tour Music Fest took place this year. For the first time, seven countries participated and made the format a European music competition. 28,000 artists from all over Europe participated. Dust of Soul came in the top 50 of the best singer-songwriters in Switzerland and made it into the top 10 of the final round. 

On 17 November 2019, the Italian competition ‘Tour Music Fest’ landed in Switzerland for the first time in its 12th year. Amazing live performances from unsigned Swiss artists were witnessed at YOYO Centro Sportivo in Biasca.
Dust of Soul, emerging singer-songwriter from Switzerland has reached the final round of Tour Music Fest – The European Music Contest, the most important European contest dedicated to new, young and emerging music. The best from four categories were invited to the Swiss National Finals: Singer, singer-songwriter, junior, and rapper. The prices for this twelfth edition were remarkable: a sponsorship contract worth €10,000.00; 3 scholarships for music classes at Berklee – College of Music in Boston, UK, at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, where legendary artists such as The Beatles are recorded and distributed by Sony Music, and even €15,000 for organising an international tour. Tour Music Fest partners further with the Hard Rock Café in Rome, Montarbo, la Feltrinelli, der EKO Music Group, the DJ & Producers School Remixme, Ableton, Eko, Roli, Vox, Korg, velvetmag, villagiomusicale, EMN Euro Music Network, All Music Italia and mercatinomusicale.

Dust of Soul in the National Finals at Tour Music Fest
Dust of Soul in the National Finals at Tour Music Fest
Dust of Soul Interview at Tour Music Fest
Interview with Dust of Soul

Excellent Evaluation

The jury rated Dust of Soul with an excellent evaluation of an average of 37 out of 40 points. The decisive factors were the song, the vocal performance and the stage presence:

  • Lyrics: 37.5 out of 40 points
  • Melody Line: 35.5 out of 40 points
  • Musical Accompaniment: 36.5 out of 40 points
  • Personality/Artistic Identity: 37.5 out of 40 points
  • Vocal Technique: 36.5 out of 40 points
  • Intonation: 36.5 out of 40 points
  • Vocalism: 36.5 out of 40 points
  • Stage Presence: 38.0 out of 40 points
  • Artistic Fashion Style: 38.0 out of 40 points

— Berklee College of Music & Sony Music

During the event, Gianluca Musso, General Director of Tour Music Fest, held educational masterclasses. The masterclass aimed towards artistic growth at its fullest, from vocal technique to stage presence, creative writing to interpretation. 

Celebrated judges as from “Eurovision Song Contest”

Dust of Soul has been selected for the “singer-songwriter” artistic category by the official Tour Music Fest judging panel along with 49 other winners who could perform live in front of them. The judging panel consisted of: 

  • KARA DIOGUARDI, singer, songwriter and American Record Producer, President of the European Judging Panel for the 2019 Tour Music Fest Finale
  • MOGOL, President of the Tour Music Fest International Judging Panel since 2007
  • BONNIE HAYES, Singer-songwriter boasting collaborations with artists like Cher and Billy Idol, Director of the Berklee – College of Music Songwriting Department
  • JASON CAMELIO composer, arranger, trombonist, guitarist and Assistant Vice President for Global Initiatives at Berklee College of Music
  • TOKI WRIGHT, Rapper and American teacher from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • GEORGINA ABELA, Singer and Maltese artist, representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest
  • AGUSTIN TIRADO, Vocal coach, professional Singer
  • MATT OAK, Artistic Producer, guitarist, professional Singer from Nottingham

A Swiss James Bond song

The Swiss ‘Opera Pop’ duo performed the song ‘Rainbow’ from the new album “Dust of Soul In Colors” live on stage. The album was released in March 2019 and with it the group brings new fusions that refresh, surprise and inspire – so the feedback of the 2019 “In Colors” tour.

Rainbow is a blues song that reminds of a James Bond theme song. It is deep, emotional, mysterious, and develops an incoming groove throughout its choruses and verses. With this song, Dust of Soul reached the Top 10 of the Swiss National Finals.

Song ‘Rainbow’ from the album “Dust of Soul In Colors” [2019]

• Titel Photography by Sandra Eichmann
• Cover Design by Tour Music Fest
• Article Photographies 1 to 4 by Sandra Eichmann, Dust of Soul
• Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odermatt

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