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Concert Show «Wonderland»

9 September 2021

The Bieler Tagblatt writes: «More than an album release: The duo Dust of Soul with Saskia Stäuble and Michael Odermatt invites you to a fairytale afternoon».

Nobody manages to describe the presentation of Dust of Soul’s “Wonderland” as aptly as journalist Tobias Garden from the newspaper Bieler Tagblatt: «A woman, heavily made up, with a bright red wig. A man with hair combed straight back, a neatly trimmed beard and a glittery shirt. In the background: snow? Drizzle? Fireworks? Next: Cheeky girls, made up like a harlequin; a magician with a big hat and flowing hair, a lady, it must be a queen; and finally, lying down, a, well, that’s probably a cat person. Finally, in the background, it cannot be otherwise, a magic castle awaits. No, it’s the Von Rütte-Gut in Sutz, the characters described cavort on a flyer, and if you ask Saskia Stäuble, the initiator of this whole bunch of things, what this is supposed to be, she first simply says: «An album release.» It is of course not that simple, the large «Wonderland» lettering indicates it. That is the name of the event on Sunday, 5 September 2021, but that is also the name of the new album by Dust of Soul, the music project that Saskia Stäuble, alias singer Dusty, is following with pianist Michael Odermatt alias Mikey. And the duo’s inspiration is also clear: the visitors can expect a mixture of Disney’s «Alice in Wonderland», Tim Burton in a friendly manner («Children don’t have to be afraid», says Stäuble) and a concert with music whose style is «Opera / Pop» as Stäuble describes. A rather opulent affair.»

Read the article from the Bieler Tagblatt here online.

Modern «Wonderland» production

Dust of Soul start a new era with «Wonderland». Their music is more grown up. «It’s the positive power of music», singer Saskia Stäuble is quoted by newspaper Bieler Tagblatt. «The audience is in a wonderland for a few hours». And everyone should take strength from it.

«Anyone who visits our concerts should feel better afterwards»

Saskia Stäuble, Singer «Dust of Soul», 01.09.2021 Bieler Tagblatt

That is what drives Dust of Soul: «Positive Music Power». It is the modern staging of «Wonderland» in the 21st century. «The «Wonderland» theme suits all of us. Our hidden dreams and wishes are at home in Wonderland. Our limitless imagination», say Dust of Soul. «The rabbits help us to find our way when we get lost. We are never really «lost». And as is known from the fairy tale «Alice in Wonderland»: «Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself». The rabbits show us the way and remind us to keep going, no matter how lost you seem.»

On our way we meet the Cheshire Cat – or we deal with our spirituality. The Cheshire Cat appears again and again, speaks in riddles, challenges us, asks us about the meaning of life:

Dust of Soul wrote a song about it: «Hero» – for many visitors and also Dust of Soul the highlight of the show. The search for your own hero. In Dust of Soul’s «Wonderland» adventure, hat makers and queens can of course also be found. The former stands for the magic in everyday life. We shouldn’t lose our imagination and zest for life, we should approach our life in a playful way. What about the queen? To be queen or king of your own «kingdom». To take personal responsibility and to decide for yourself. To hear yourself too. To stand by yourself and celebrate your own uniqueness.

The «Crazy» side of the personality

Dust of Soul, «Wonderland Show», 05.09.2021

Dust of Soul live out the «crazy» side of their personality on stage.

«Do your own thing»

«Do your own thing, go your own way, find your own style.» Another quote from the newspaper Bieler Tagblatt. With «Positive Music Power» and «Wonderland», Dust of Soul show that there is a way and work day after day to get closer to their goal. To be grateful for what you have achieved so far, but not satisfied and stop now. For it is more possible than we can believe. We just have to do it.

The story of «Wonderland» has only just begun: You can look forward to the video production «Wonderland». More information will follow.

Special Thanks…

… to the «Wonderland» cast: initiators Dust of Soul with singer Saskia Stäuble (DUSTY) and pianist Michael Odermatt (MIKEY), Queen Orchidea Lüthi, Mad Hatter Gervasio Wimper, Wonderland rabbit Céline Zahnd, Patrizia Favrod and Laura Remund, and Cheshire Cat Philippe Giauque

… to special guest Marcel Wagner, known as «Master Coffee», who only paints unique works of art with coffee.

… to the team with Sandra Eichmann, Bettina Hüsser, Semra Koca, Carla Dalla Bona and Alexandra Christen for their tireless efforts in preparation, on the day of the event and post-processing. Leandra Bombelli for her make-up arts. Jessi Brustolin for the sound and stage design technology, Marius Tausch and Dominic Wälti for the photography and video event documentation. 

… to piano partner Rainer Zulauf from A-Zulauf Musikinstrumenten GmbH / Tastenträume.ch with a huge showroom in Buchs b. Aarau – www.tastentraeume.ch

… to our Partners & Sponsors:

… to the contributors:

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