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Dust of Soul feat. Rapper Yaw Boso

Opera Pop featuring with African Rapper

The new Dust of Soul album “Dust of Soul In Colors” features a new version of the song “Feel” with the Rapper Yaw Boso. The Swiss musicians initiate their second featuring with an African artist after their collaboration with Tunisian Cellist Mohamed Amine Ben Smida from the Symphony Orchestra Tunis.

Collaborating with different artists from all around the world is inside the core of Dust of Soul’s philosophy. Artists Dusty and MiKey from Switzerland have initiated already different collaborations with international artists in their still young career. 2019 marks another great collaboration with an Africa artist after having featured a North African cellist from the Tunisian symphony orchestra. A dedicated single was then released in October 2015 as well as the same named Music Video “Believe” (visit the shop now).

Under their label #Artists4Artists and their Foundation #HumanityFirst the new collaboration has been released.

African Rapper Yaw Boso collaborates with Dust of Soul
Yaw Boso (Photo: Marius Tausch)

Dust of Soul is proud to announce their work with Yaw Boso, Ghanaian artist who is residing in Switzerland. That is also where the duo met Boso. He is currently producing tracks of his own at Yawsome Productions. The featuring is a cooperation between Yawsome Productions and Dust of Soul Studios, the main recording and production studios of the new album “Dust of Soul In Colors”.

Ghanaian rapper Yaw Boso performing with 'Opera Pop' duo Dust of Soul in Switzerland
Yaw Boso performing with Dust of Soul in Switzerland (Photo: Marius Tausch)
Dust of Soul – Feel feat. Yaw Boso

The song “Feel” premiered to the public on 24 March 2019 at the Official Album release concert at the Theater Pavillon Lucerne in Switzerland. It was a huge success for all musicians.

Dust of Soul has announced to plan a music video with Boso to publish this year. The production will start soon according to the duo.

Titel Photography by Marius Tausch
Photographies by Marius Tausch
Text by Michael Odermatt | Dust of Soul

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