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Song «Believe» in Tunis Radio «Express FM»

13 September 2015

We need to believe in ourselves and our heart. We need to follow our heart and never stop in between of our dream. Then, our own unique way will become possible.

Dust of Soul, Believe, à l’Express FM… ” – These were the words introducing the broadcast premiere of the song “Believe” by moderator Aymen Talbi at the Tunisian radio station ‘Express FM’. What an honour for Dust of Soul to play the first produced song for the first time in the North African country Tunisia in the radio. Three years after Dust of Soul finally outgrew by the encounter of Vocalist Dusty and Pianist MiKey, the song inspired by Tunisia was played live on air to an audience of over 180,000 listeners during the Saturday morning program ‘Expresso Week End’ – one of the most listened program on radio Express FM’s peak airtime.
Dust of Soul was first introduced on the Radio Express FM one week before the legendary 5th September 2015 by Walid Ben Rhouma, also moderator at the radio station. Vocalist Dusty and Pianist MiKey were invited by Walid Ben Rhouma to the same program ‘Expresso Week End’ to introduce themselves to the Tunisian public with their actual concert night in Les Berges du Lac.
One week later, the Swiss Duo was successful in producing their first two songs and music video in Tunisia with the title song “Believe” featuring Cellist Mohamed Amine Ben Smida from the Symphony Orchestra Tunisia. The emotions were over-whelming when the Aymen Talbi announced the song to be played live on air.

We are very happy to see you today here with your first CD and it is an honour for us to have thee Song «Believe» played for the first time in a radio. Let’s hear it… Dust of Soul, Believe, à l’Express FM

Aymen Talib, Radio Express FM

Right after the radio interview at Express FM and the world premiere song broadcast, Dust of Soul was invited to the Tunis radio station. Moderator Moncef Labiadh followed Dust of Soul on their activities after the Peace Concert and initiated a program for the Swiss Duo to introduce their first CD to the listeners of RTCI.
The reactions were amazing and Dust of Soul celebrated after their debut another public appearance in the radio station ‘RTCI’. Moderator Moncef Labiadh invited Dust of Soul to the German speaking program “RTCI Multikulti” on Saturday afternoon, on the 5th September 2015. There Dusty & MiKey were surprised with each a bouquet of flowers handed over during the program.

Dust of Soul loves to thank everyone at the radio stations Express FM and RTCI Tunis for these great interviews, to Moncef Labiadh, Moderator at RTCI Tunis, for interviewing Dust of Soul twice, on Friday, the 28th August and Saturday, the 5th September 2015, especially to Walid Ben Rhouma, Moderator of the radio station Express FM (see photograph on the bottom right), who did the first interview with Dust of Soul on Saturday, 29th August 2015 about the story of the Swiss Duo, and to the staff (see photograph on the bottom middle), and Aymen Talbi, also Moderator at Express FM, who interviewed Dusty and MiKey about the first CD release.

Cover Photography by Radio RTCI, Tunis
Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odermatt

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