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NAZAR cul­ture mag­a­zine spe­cial edi­tion at news­stands through­out Switzerland

The October/November 2022 edi­tion of the NAZAR Kul­tur­magazin pub­lish­es a spe­cial edi­tion about “10 years of Dust of Soul”. Now at kiosks through­out Switzerland.

Invi­ta­tion to the dai­ly talk on TV chan­nel «Tele M1»

Dust of Soul about their dream, the upcom­ing show «BACK TO THE FUTURE – 10 Years Dust of Soul» and «Pos­i­tive Music Pow­er» on Tele M1.

Tele­Bielingue live at the video shoot «Won­der­land»

«The Nidau vintage bistro and Tim Burton's world-famous film «Alice in Wonderland». These were exactly the main ingredients for the new music video from the opera/pop duo Dust of Soul.» TeleBielingue was there live with a report … «In proper style, the characters look...

Biel­er Tag­blatt about Dust of Soul

«Anyone who goes to our concerts should feel better afterwards». The daily newspaper «Bieler Tagblatt» writes about Dust of Soul, its concept «Positive Music Power» and its new «Wonderland Concert Show». «She is living her dream» is the title of the full-page article...

Dust of Soul in Biel with «Won­der­land»

«Saskia (Dusty) Stäuble made the jump from the kitchen onto the stage.» Read the article here online. Biel Bienne «People» (Newspaper, 24-25 August 2021, Switzerland) Biel-Bienne People 2021-08-24-25Download Article by Biel-Bienne Photo by Joel Schweizer Text...

2020 Oman Nation­al Day cel­e­bra­tion with Swiss song of love

Oman Radio 90.4 FM wel­comes Dust of Soul back to the Sul­tanate of Oman vir­tu­al­ly amongst the 50th Nation­al Day cel­e­bra­tion – the recog­nis­able local band from Switzer­land who has got an incred­i­ble ded­i­ca­tion to the coun­try of Oman through their songs and compositions

«Mus­cat Dai­ly» front page arti­cle in Oman

Front page arti­cle in the dai­ly news­pa­per of Mus­cat «Mus­cat Dai­ly» about the “The Col­or of Oman is Love»

Indi­an TV Show «Gulf This Week» on Manora­ma News

Dust of Soul talks to TV Show «Gulf This Week» on Manora­ma News TV sta­tion in India about their project

Swiss nation­al TV «SRF 1» show «Glanz & Gloria»

«A Swiss musi­cians duo and their rest­less artist life» – so the head­line of the tele­vi­sion pro­gram on Swiss Nation­al TV SRF 1

Song «Believe» in Tunis Radio «Express FM»

Dust of Soul’s new sin­gle release ‘Believe’ pre­miered in Tunis’ radio Express FM for the first time in Tunisia

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