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2020 Oman National Day celebration with Swiss song of love

Oman Radio 90.4 FM welcomes Dust of Soul back to the Sultanate of Oman virtually amongst the 50th National Day celebration – the recognisable local band from Switzerland who has got an incredible dedication to the country of Oman through their songs and compositions

«Muscat Daily» front page article in Oman

Front page article in the daily newspaper of Muscat «Muscat Daily» about the “The Color of Oman is Love»

Indian TV Show «Gulf This Week» on Manorama News

Dust of Soul talks to TV Show «Gulf This Week» on Manorama News TV station in India about their project

Swiss TV show «Glanz & Gloria» with Dust of Soul

«A Swiss musicians duo and their restless artist life» – so the headline of the television program on Swiss National TV SRF 1

Song Premiered in Arabian Radios

Dust of Soul’s new single release ‘Believe’ premiered in Tunis’ radio Express FM for the first time in Tunisia

In The Milan Press

The Milanese Daily Newspaper «Giornale Metropolitano» writes about Dust of Soul performing in Milano

In The Press

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