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TeleBielingue live at the video shoot «Wonderland»

19 October 2021

«The Nidau vintage bistro and Tim Burton’s world-famous film «Alice in Wonderland». These were exactly the main ingredients for the new music video from the opera/pop duo Dust of Soul.» TeleBielingue was there live with a report …

«In proper style, the characters look like in the film with the strange characters and the rabbit. Both the film and the music video are about taking matters into your own hands and going your own way. Only one camera is used for shooting. The cost of the video is less than 1,000 Swiss Francs because the band does everything themselves as much as possible. A big effort, says Saskia Stäuble, singer from the duo Dust of Soul.

This of course takes months of preparation. Look for a costume, maybe draw it yourself. Then see what you need. How do you do the make up. What do you want to express. And Wonderland is all about: everyone is really responsible for their own Wonderland. So: move forward, do not just give up, but really follow your dream, your path.

Saskia Stäuble

The right optics must not be missing for a wonderland. Make-up artist Leandra Bombelli made up the dancers, who are all from Biel. This job in the Nidau vintage bistro is not an everyday occurrence for the make-up artist.

If you have to put make-up on five to six people within two and a half hours, that’s a relatively short period of time. And it is also an elaborate make-up, not just a beauty make-up. There is really a lot of make-up, lots of characters. That was of course a challenge. Good preparation is essential. But it’s a good experience.

Leandra Bombelli

But it is not the first music video for the artist duo. And yet it’s a special twist. They both started with simple cell phone videos. Now the cameraman also needs full commitment. The Biel-based music duo is not really pursuing one goal with this video «Wonderland». It’s more about motivation, says the singer.

It really is the implementation of this song «Wonderland». That everyone activates their own «Wonderland» within themselves. Dust of Soul stands for «Positive Music Power», that is to activate the positive energy of music, to use it for your life. If you have dreams, if you have ideas, if you want a raise: move forward, ask, don’t sit at the «Wonderland» table, otherwise you become a skeleton.

Saskia Stäuble

It took a full day to shoot this music video. The fans of Dust of Soul have to wait a little longer until the release. The release of the music video is planned for New Year’s Day.»

— Documentation by Michel Eggimann, TeleBielingue, broadcast INFO, 18 October 2021

TV TeleBielingue broadcast INFO: «”Dust of Soul” shot Musikvideo in Nidau» on TeleBielingue Official YouTube Channel

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