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Copyright © 2012-2021 Dust of Soul. All Rights Reserved.
Smile Release

Bollywood meets Opera/Pop – Smile Music Video Release

Opera-Pop – New Style – New Song

Dust of Soul are very happy to enchant you with our new ballad SMILE. They shot the music video in Mumbai, Maharashtra featuring Bollywood Actor Yash Choudhary. He is looking for his smile in the shadow of the city of Mumbai. He follows the call of the music he hears in his heart – over and over again … will he find it … ??

“Let yourself be seduced, touched, and finally feel yourself.”

Smile (Official Music Video) – Release on Dust of Soul YouTube channel

International Cast & Crew

Dust of Soul present SMILE
Starring: Dust of Soul singer Dusty, Yash Choudhary, with Dust of Soul Pianist MiKey
Music by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Written by: Saskia Stäuble
Story by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Directed by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Co-Directed by: Winston Jose
Produced by: Dust of Soul
Executive Producer: Michael Odermatt
Co-Produced by: Winston Jose
Art Director: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Director of Photography: Winston Jose
Edited by: Michael Odermatt
Visual Effects by: Michael Odermatt
Production Designer: Michael Odermatt, Winston Jose
Costume Designer: Saskia Stäuble, Mohini Nanaware
Stylist & Make Up: Mohini Nanaware
Hair: Rita D’Souza
Assistant Cinematographer: Sibien James, Udayakumaraya Nadeesan
Casting by: Saskia Stäuble
Copyright © 2020 Dust of Soul. All rights reserved.
Music Recorded at Dust of Soul Studios
Music Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London
All Artworks & Designs are sole property of Dust of Soul.

“Music and video BRILLIANT!!! It’s awesome! You have both taken it to the next level.”

Derrick Feole, Fine Art Landscape, Real Estate & Commercial Photographer/Videographer and Musician, USA

“Thank you for your love and support. Please like and share the video to spread positive music power and make the world smile. “

• Title photography by Dust of Soul Studios
• Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odermatt

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