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Smile Release

Bol­ly­wood meets Swiss Opera/Pop – «Smile» cel­e­brates the pow­er of a sim­ple smile

28 September 2020

Opera-Pop – New Style – New Song – New Fusion. Dust of Soul teams up with Bol­ly­wood actor Yash Choud­hary in Mum­bai. Togeth­er, their mag­ic brings the mys­ti­cal sto­ry «Smile» alive.

«Dust of Soul» present with «Smile» a heart­warm­ing and soul­ful song that cel­e­brates the pow­er of a sim­ple smile. The song fea­tures a blend of pop and soul music, with a smooth and melod­ic sound that is both sooth­ing and uplift­ing. The lyrics of the song are sim­ple but pow­er­ful, remind­ing lis­ten­ers that a smile can bright­en even the dark­est of days. The cho­rus of the song is par­tic­u­lar­ly pow­er­ful, with its mes­sage of hope and pos­i­tiv­i­ty. Over­all, «Smile» is a beau­ti­ful and inspir­ing song that encour­ages lis­ten­ers to find joy in the small things and to spread hap­pi­ness wher­ev­er they go.

“A heart­warm­ing and soul­ful song that cel­e­brates the pow­er of a sim­ple smile.”

— Dust of Soul

Dust of Soul shot the music video in Mum­bai, Maha­rash­tra. The video is star­ring Bol­ly­wood Actor Yash Choud­hary. Yash Choud­hary is an Indi­an actor work­ing in Bol­ly­wood films and tele­vi­sion. As the cre­ators of the music video sto­ry­board, Dust of Soul found in Yash the per­fect char­ac­ter to bring their sto­ry to live. In «Smile», Yash is look­ing for his smile in the shad­ow of the city of Mum­bai. He fol­lows the call of the music he hears in his heart – over and over again … will he find his calling … ?

“Let your­self be seduced, touched, and final­ly feel yourself.”

— Dust of Soul
Smile (Offi­cial Music Video) – Release on Dust of Soul YouTube channel

Inter­na­tion­al Cast & Crew 

Dust of Soul present SMILE
Star­ring: Dust of Soul singer Dusty, Yash Choud­hary, with Dust of Soul Pianist MiKey
Music by: Sask­ia Stäu­ble, Michael Oder­matt
Writ­ten by: Sask­ia Stäu­ble
Sto­ry by: Sask­ia Stäu­ble, Michael Oder­matt
Direct­ed by: Sask­ia Stäu­ble, Michael Oder­matt
Co-Direct­ed by: Win­ston Jose
Pro­duced by: Dust of Soul
Exec­u­tive Pro­duc­er: Michael Oder­matt
Co-Pro­duced by: Win­ston Jose
Art Direc­tor: Sask­ia Stäu­ble, Michael Oder­matt
Direc­tor of Pho­tog­ra­phy: Win­ston Jose
Edit­ed by: Michael Oder­matt
Visu­al Effects by: Michael Oder­matt
Pro­duc­tion Design­er: Michael Oder­matt, Win­ston Jose
Cos­tume Design­er: Sask­ia Stäu­ble, Mohi­ni Nanaware
Styl­ist & Make Up: Mohi­ni Nanaware
Hair: Rita D’Souza
Assis­tant Cin­e­matog­ra­ph­er: Sibi­en James, Udayaku­maraya Nadeesan
Cast­ing by: Sask­ia Stäu­ble
Copy­right © 2020 Dust of Soul. All rights reserved.
Music Record­ed at Dust of Soul Stu­dios
Music Mas­tered at Abbey Road Stu­dios, Lon­don
All Art­works & Designs are sole prop­er­ty of Dust of Soul.

“Music and video BRILLIANT!!! It’s awe­some! You have both tak­en it to the next level.”

Der­rick Feole, Fine Art Land­scape, Real Estate & Com­mer­cial Photographer/Videographer and Musi­cian, USA
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“Thank you for your love and sup­port. Please like and share the video to spread pos­i­tive music pow­er and make the world smile. “

— Dust of Soul

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