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CD Release at Château Gütsch

13 October 2015

Dust of Soul celebrate the release of their new CD «Believe» glamorous and classy at the fairytale caste Château Gütsch in Lucerne (Switzerland) with more than 130 guests. Even Tunisia was there live

Dust of Soul invited to the white fairytale castle Château Gütsch in Lucerne for their official worldwide release of the new CD «Believe» and the premiere of their new music video on the big screen. More than 130 excited guests found their way to the wonderful announced concert by the Swiss Duo: «Konzert mit CD & Video Premiere» (from German: «Concert mit CD & Video Premiere»). They were warm-heartedly welcomed by Singer Saskia Stäuble, known as Dusty, and Michael Odermatt, known as MiKey themselves.
The wonderful decorated unique castle restaurant with high ceilings and the open gallery up the stairs were full of energy and excitement, when Dusty & MiKey entered under roaring applause and the opened the concert with a free interpreted song composition. The concert was wonderfully conducted with the song themes that characterise the Swiss Duo like friendship, courage, and the belief in oneself, until the official worldwide CD release and the premiere of the music video on the big screen were announced.
A video call to the Cellist Mohamed Amine Ben Smida to Tunis guided the happening back to the Tunisia story and the origination of the project: The CD and DVD were entirely produced in Tunisia. The recordings were held in the antic Saint-Louis cathedral ‘Acropolium de Carthage’ and the video clips were filmed in the romain Carthage and the picturesque artistic village Sidi Bou Said. The symphonic Cellist from Tunisia was introduced for the first time publicly to the audience that traveled from all over Switzerland and Germany to Lucerne.

«The answers in your heart you will find when you believe in you»

Dust of Soul

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