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Milanese «Giornale Metropolitano» about fashion show after party

31 May 2014

The concert performance of Dust of Soul at the VIP evening party of haute couture designer «Cleofe Finati» by Archetipo inspired the Milanese daily newspaper «Giornale Metropolitano» to write about Dust of Soul

A Very Glam Evening event in the picturesque Terrazza Martini of Milan – this is the headline of the Italian newspaper «Giornale Metropolitano» writing about the fashion show of the 2015 collection and the VIP celebration event of the fashion house Cleofe Finati by Archetipo. The glamorous event happened after the fashion show 2015 at Sposa Italia in the unique location of the Terrazza Martini, where one can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view on the most glamorous and metropolitan city’s heart of Milan.

Many surprises were presented during the evening: the magic of the Wizard Entertainment Flip, the Italian musicians Mocambo Swing, and Vittorio Centrone, the Belgian singer Manuel Palomo, and the Swiss duo Dust of Soul, which involved and excited the guests of the evening with their art. All of them internationally renowned musicians as well as dear friends of the house, who have chosen to become ambassadors of the style Cleofe Finati by Archetipo wearing the creations for their concerts and performances. As the highlight at the end of the day was Dust of Soul fortunate to be the special surprise: Vocalist Dusty began to sing a cappella in the staircase connecting the two floors of Terrazza Martini to get together all the guests and celebrate the new milestone of Archetipo once and for all. The two song performances were crowned with an especially for the occasion written song by Dust of Soul devoted to the Archetipo team: “Passion”. A short song that tells about passion for fashion and the greatly appreciated values Dust of Soul sees in Archetipo.

«Creating oneself brings with it the achievement of many milestones. Some of them are not even noticed by the creator. But when we decide to celebrate an achievement everything becomes visible. Even the smallest detail begins to attract our attention. These are after all the greatest moments to enjoy and the ones that inspire us the most.»

Dust of Soul

Cover Photography by Dust of Soul
Press Article by Giornale Metropolitano Milan, Italy | Online Edition
Text by Dust of Soul | Michael Odemratt

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