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The fre­quen­cy of the soul

9 April 2024

“Every­thing is ener­gy and all things and peo­ple vibrate on a cer­tain fre­quen­cy. We align with peo­ple, places, and sit­u­a­tions based on our fre­quen­cy and vibra­tion. Pay atten­tion to peo­ple who just fall off… there is no ani­mos­i­ty, but maybe you have friends, fam­i­ly, clients, etc. that just seem to dis­ap­pear. They are no longer a vibra­tional match: you are no longer on the same fre­quen­cy. So as you raise your vibra­tion, things around you change, and when you low­er your vibra­tion things around you will change. So instead of try­ing to hold onto to the same old friends, fam­i­ly, clients, jobs, rela­tion­ships. etc. – attract what is your vibra­tional match. It’s like turn­ing the radio to a sta­tion, you have to be on the right fre­quen­cy to hear the sta­tion that you wish to lis­ten to.” 

Is this true?

We are pow­er­ful beings and there is a sound, feel­ing, emo­tion, thought to every­thing we do. Even when we medi­ate: things are mov­ing inside and around of us. We can phys­i­cal­ly, audi­bly and with our sens­es feel vibra­tions. Some­times we are aware of fre­quen­cy shifts in and around us when they hap­pen. We can learn to be even more aware. Dust of Soul believe changes in fre­quen­cies are nat­ur­al, because every­thing changes constantly.

But can we tune into our own fre­quen­cy no mat­ter the fre­quen­cies around us? Because some­times we are feel­ing so “out of align­ment” with our own fre­quen­cy, our own vibra­tion, that we can­not con­nect to the life we are expe­ri­enc­ing at the very moment.

Dust of Soul believe music is the go-to pow­er­ful tool to re-align with our­selves, because our entire body per­ceives music. The music we love and songs we con­nect to can help us shift or raise our vibra­tion. And even though the rela­tion­ship to a song is unique to each per­son, wouldn’t it be great to have your own chan­neled song that is com­posed off of your very own frequency?

«We believe the more you live in your soul’s fre­quen­cy, the more you can help, impact and sup­port with your soul’s purpose.»

— Dust of Soul

Dusty & MiKey are feel­ing called to doing exact­ly that: what start­ed to be “music in the moment” cre­at­ed at the begin­ning of our numer­ous con­cert per­for­mances in the last 12 years, has nat­u­ral­ly grown to become high-demand one-on-one ses­sions for indi­vid­u­als where Dust of Soul chan­nel the individual’s soul song. They tune into the individual’s soul fre­quen­cy and the music that comes through – through Dusty’s voice and MiKey’s piano-play­ing – is pure­ly chan­neled. On top of that Dusty chan­nels lyrics based on impres­sions and pic­tures that come up – so there is a mes­sage from the soul to pro­vide insights and answers to questions.

It is the same with orig­i­nal Dust of Soul songs: Dusty and MiKey chan­neled them along our musi­cal jour­ney and re-lis­ten them to get re-aligned with their soul’s vibra­tion, their soul’s pur­pose. Over the last 12 years, this has been an immense­ly pow­er­ful expe­ri­ence for them. 

Get Your Chan­neled Soul Song

High vibra­tional singer Dusty and high vibra­tional pianist MiKey are the inter­na­tion­al­ly known award-win­ning intu­itive duo “Dust of Soul”. They chan­nel and per­form togeth­er in a one-on-one ses­sion in the 432 Hertz heal­ing fre­quen­cy your soul song with vocals, lyrics and piano. $49 for 15 minutes

Com­bine your Soul Song Chan­nel­ing with a Soul Mes­sage Read­ing based on lyrics & pic­tures Dusty chan­nels and based on the piano har­monies and tunes MiKey chan­nels fol­lowed by a chakra bal­anc­ing based on the music, because each tone res­onates with a chakra. $98 for 30 minutes

Receive your Soul Song Chan­nel­ing with your Soul Mes­sage Read­ing and Vibrate in your Soul Fre­quen­cy with your soul song record­ing in a high-res­o­lu­tion music file includ­ing the full fre­quen­cy spec­trum. As you lis­ten to your soul song after the ses­sion, your body’s cells start to vibrate in your soul fre­quen­cy. This acti­vates your per­son­al vibra­tion and pow­er. We will check in with you after the ses­sion for fur­ther guid­ance and sup­port. $155 instead of $188

Fly­er “Intu­itive Music Read­ing – Get Your Chan­neled Soul Song” with Dust of Soul

Dust of Soul are cur­rent­ly in Los Ange­les, Cal­i­for­nia, offer­ing one-on-one ses­sions week­ly on Wednes­days at the crys­tal store Cab­in Creek in San­ta Mon­i­ca from 5 PM to 7 PM. Book an appoint­ment to expe­ri­ence the full “Intu­itive Music Read­ing” for $155 at the mag­i­cal out­door back­yard patio at Cab­in Creek on Main Street.

At 6:30 PM, Dust of Soul per­form a 30-minute group ses­sion “Raise Your Vibra­tion” for $20 per per­son at the mag­i­cal out­door back­yard patio at Cab­in Creek on Main Street while they use their intu­ition to tap into your ener­gy in a group set­ting and chan­nel a musi­cal jour­ney in the moment. Buy a tick­et here online.

Every month, Mys­tic Jour­ney Book­store in San­ta Mon­i­ca hosts a spe­cial “Intu­itive Music Read­ing” event with Dust of Soul. Find out about the next event here on Mys­tic Jour­ney Book­store.

“Me First” means Singing Songs from Your Soul

This episode of ME FIRST Mind­set is a sto­ry of incred­i­ble resilience where Dusty lis­tened to the voice inside that said to make a change that was larg­er than life. From start­ing life in an ordi­nary career in Switzer­land to sur­viv­ing a stroke and then fol­low­ing the musi­cians’ dream to this incred­i­ble career, Dusty knows exact­ly how putting your­self first can trans­form your life. Lis­ten in on the pro­found words of wis­dom to be inspired through your own path.

«How Dusty Keeps The Me First Mind­set: Sit with your­self and learn how to hear your soul. Fol­low your soul. Don’t take the easy way where you just copy and paste your life; it will end up not feel­ing good. Do the things that make your soul sing.»

— Doc­tor Brea
EP 15: Me First Means Singing Songs From Your Soul With Dusty | Doc­tor Brea Offi­cial YouTube channel

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