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'Opera Pop' duo Dust of Soul collaboration with Swiss guitarist Joe Degen

Dust of Soul is Rock’n’Rolling this summer

With the “Dust of Soul Open Air 2019” Dust of Soul are introducing their new collaboration with guitarist Joe Degen from Switzerland. Joe will give a unique sound to the new album “Dust of Soul In Colors” which Dust of Soul announced to perform in full with live band for the first time.

Dust of Soul recently announced its 5th edition of the “Dust of Soul Open Air”. For the fourth time, the event will be hosted at the Lucerne castle Château Gütsch in Switzerland. In the past these events have been a huge success. Also were the cooperations with other artists. After last year’s successful wide program of ballet and breaking dance artists, percussionist, Irish band and Stand up art, this year will be a highlight for music: Dust of Soul already announced the collaboration with Swiss guitarist Joe Degen. Lead guitarist of the Swiss band “Bomb 19” is thrilled to join the duo for this happening. His speciality to spice, entertain, excite, and flavor with intuitive soft but precise guitar riffs and leads perfectly harmonizes with Dust of Soul’s distinctive ‘Opera Pop’ style. 

Swiss Guitarist Joe Degen

The duo’s 2019 debut album “Dust of Soul In Colors” focuses on brilliance not only in the musical lyrics, compositing, and performance, dives deep into the fusion with other music genres such as Indian, Classical, and Latin styles. 

A challenge for Joe? Not really. Already from the first rehearsal Joe found himself in deep waters of these musical bridges experimenting and improvising. Dust of Soul are very happy to announce this interaction with such a qualified, professional, and young talented artist from Switzerland. We invite you to not miss to celebrate this union of passion, creativity, love, and power of music. All coming together at the “Dust of Soul Open Air 2019” on 11 July 2019 at Château Gütsch castle garden. 

More about Joe Degen you find on his band website:

Joe Degen collaborates with ‘Opera Pop’ duo Dust of Soul

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