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«Lost» is “Sin­gle of the Week” on

8 May 2023

Dust of Soul are inter­viewed by, Switzerland’s largest inter­net radio sta­tion with over 1 mil­lion lis­ten­ers. This week their sin­gle «Lost» is the “Sin­gle of the week”

Singer Dusty and pianist MiKey have been Dust of Soul for ten years. They have been tour­ing inter­na­tion­al­ly for ten years and have ini­ti­at­ed numer­ous music projects in Europe, in Tunisia, on the Ara­bi­an Penin­su­la – the Sul­tanate of Oman – and in Mum­bai. Whether on the «MTV India Unplugged» stage with Bol­ly­wood super­star Ayush­mann Khur­rana, at the con­cert for the King of Oman in the amphithe­ater in Mus­cat, or at the music video shoot «Vic­to­ry» in the slums of Mum­bai with the «Dhar­avi Dream Project» – part of Uni­ver­sal Music India ini­tia­tive, their vision for the future is «sus­tain­able music».


Inter­view with
«Lost» “Sin­gle of the Week” Woche 19, 2023

«Writ­ing music that moti­vates peo­ple to use their pos­i­tive pow­er to achieve their goals»

— Singer Dusty

First singing coach

Singer Dusty: «We wrote the music in such a way that we take up top­ics such as «courage»: One of our songs is called «Brave» and it is about acti­vat­ing your courage so that you are brave in every­day life or in sit­u­a­tions , which may not be very easy. Because we all need a bit of courage. Fur­ther­more, this song is writ­ten in a pitch that revs up your chakra for more courage. So it fits both togeth­er – melody and lyrics. And the lyrics are nev­er whin­ing or blam­ing some­one else for their own life sit­u­a­tion, but rather dis­solv­ing. Real­iz­ing that you are the mak­er of your «Won­der­land». And that you can regain your self-pow­er and make some­thing out of your life.»

Music Video «Lost» – Offi­cial Dust of Soul YouTube channel


«The lyrics of Won­der­land are about hav­ing your «Won­der­land» in your hands. It’s not some­thing that’s far from you. It is with­in you and you can cre­ate it. And often it is only a blink of an eye away. But you have to cre­ate it. It’s not just in the head. You will have to bring it into real­i­ty after­wards too.»

«I like doing spe­cial things. I’m bored with what I see. I want to do some­thing that chal­lenges me in a way that the whole con­cept pulls into itself»

— Singer Dusty

MiKey: «All our songs are writ­ten from life. This means that we have expe­ri­enced all the pos­i­tive expe­ri­ences that we express with our songs our­selves. We are through all the top­ics. As a result, the songs reflect our lives.»

Dusty: «Dusty: «With «Won­der­land» we asked our­selves: Are we cre­at­ing any­thing at all or are we just con­sum­ing. I thought it must be pos­si­ble to cre­ate. Because when you cre­ate some­thing, it comes from your ideas. It is not just in your head. This is how the lyrics for «Won­der­land» came about. As Michael said, we go through these issues and write them down. It is all con­nect­ed. The crown­ing glo­ry is the music video or an event to make this top­ic a reality.»

«”Smile” is also a song that fit­ted the cur­rent time we were in with its mes­sage: “Nev­er lose your smile”.»

— Singer Dusty
Music Video «Won­der­land» feat. Cortés Kim­ber­ly – Offi­cial Dust of Soul YouTube channel

Math­ias “Betschi” Betschart: «You can see that in your music. Your music is always some­thing spe­cial. That means you’re always try­ing some­thing new. You don’t stick to a com­mon thread. And yet you do. You are still you. Even while you are exper­i­ment­ing with many things.» 

Pos­i­tive Music Power

MiKey: «Our “Pos­i­tive Music Pow­er” embod­ies us in every­thing we do. We love the chal­lenge of com­bin­ing our­selves with dif­fer­ent art forms, music forms, and music styles. Because every artist has his own expres­sion. We are con­vinced of that and that is also the rea­son why we always work with dif­fer­ent artists. And we love to merge these indi­vid­ual expres­sions into fusions. Hence the inter­est in India, Oman and many dif­fer­ent cul­tures. This col­lab­o­ra­tion and cul­tur­al exchange has also taught us a lot about music. We real­ize that all over the world there is a pow­er behind the music. And it us so nice when this pos­i­tive pow­er can com­bine and some­thing new is created.» 

Music Video «Lost» – Offizieller Dust of Soul YouTube Kanal

«This col­lab­o­ra­tion and cul­tur­al exchange has also taught us a lot about music. We real­ize that all over the world there is a pow­er behind the music. And it us so nice when this pos­i­tive pow­er can com­bine and some­thing new is created.»

— Pianist MiKey

Dusty: «Life is pure change. And I am always chang­ing. What I thought was great yes­ter­day, I may not find so great today. Yes­ter­day this inter­est­ed me, today I am inter­est­ed in some­thing new. I think one of the most impor­tant things as an artist is to lis­ten to my heart.» 


Dusty: «”Lost” was a huge top­ic for us. So we worked on this song for almost five years and rewrote it about 70 times. We felt so lost in Switzer­land, the safest coun­try in the world, and at times we didn’t know how to con­tin­ue.
At some point, how­ev­er, we became aware that we are not “lost”, but that we are being talked into us from out­side with var­i­ous beliefs. It’s up to us to keep going. We mustn’t lis­ten to these «whis­per­ing ghosts» who whis­per to us: “It’s bet­ter not to do this”, or: “It’s much too dif­fi­cult for you”, but just do it. Because I can grow from it.»


Inter­view with

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