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Intu­itive music chan­nel­ing in a music soul­ing in Los Angeles

6 February 2024

Mak­ing the soul HEAR­able and receiv­ing mes­sages through intu­itive music chan­nel­ing in a music soul­ing. Award-win­ning intu­itive musi­cians & Pos­i­tive Music Pow­er artists of Dust of Soul con­tin­ue to make their U.S. appear­ance with “Music Soul­ing” at Hal­lowed Ground LA in Mari­na Del Rey and at Zula Den in Los Angeles.

After an 11-year jour­ney around the world with “Music for Heal­ing and Inspi­ra­tion,” the intu­itive duo have made their first U.S. appear­ance with “Intu­itive Music Read­ing” at the crys­tal store Cab­in Creek on Main Street in San­ta Mon­i­ca, Cal­i­for­nia, on Jan­u­ary 3rd. Every since, peo­ple have expe­ri­enced the chan­nel­ing of intu­itive singer Dusty and intu­itive pianist MiKey and received their own soul song at those week­ly events hap­pen­ing every Wednes­day at Cab­in Creek.

«What you do is very spe­cial and every­one should expe­ri­ence it for them­selves. l love it so much. It warms my heart to hear it. I cried hap­py tears of joy lis­ten­ing to it again. I slept in and had vivid dreams. I feel ground­ed and empow­ered to move for­ward in my endeav­ors with ease and grace. Such an insight­ful and inspir­ing read­ing you gave me. Feel­ing all the love»

— There­sa Ire­land, one-on-one ses­sion at Cab­in Creek San­ta Monica

Book your 30 minute ses­sion today and dis­cov­er the melody of your soul. And you will receive your own soul song.

Dust of Soul offer one-on-one read­ings for indi­vid­u­als and chan­nel their own soul song with mes­sages in song lyrics through voice and piano. From 6:30 PM until 7:00 PM, Dust of Soul open up for a con­scious chan­nel­ing to con­tribute for the com­mu­ni­ty. In the group set­ting, each indi­vid­ual has a unique expe­ri­ence and receives a per­son­al mes­sage that is dif­fer­ent from every­one else’s.

For 11 years now, Dust of Soul have opened their con­certs and per­for­mances with an intu­itive song for their audi­ence. It became as pop­u­lar as it grew to be the high­light of the event. It is a way to con­nect every­one in their hearts and come togeth­er to feel a uni­fied song. Upon request, indi­vid­u­als can ask for a live record­ing of the audi­ence song. 

«I received and lis­tened to it right, no mat­ter the mes­sage it sends me l can’t help but notice and admire your beau­ti­ful singing, what a voice! And Michael’s piano is stuck in my head till now! So pow­er­ful! I keep hear­ing his tunes in my head, WOW! Thank you so much again for this! So gen­er­ous and from the heart.»

— Urszu­la W., group ses­sion at Cab­in Creek San­ta Monica

Join an upcom­ing group read­ing ses­sion by sign­ing up here.

Music Soul­ing

Dust of Soul is known for “mak­ing the soul HEAR­able and receiv­ing mes­sages through intu­itive music chan­nel­ing in a music soul­ing”. Music Soul­ing has become a one-of-a-kind “Dust of Soul expe­ri­ence” for audi­ences around the world. Now the duo appears in the U.S. with their most pop­u­lar Music Soul­ing: “Believe in Yourself”. 

Hal­lowed Ground LA in Mari­na Del Rey, Cal­i­for­nia, presents Music Soul­ing on Feb­ru­ary 11th, 2024. Click here to enroll on an ear­ly-bird spe­cial price.


Lat­er in the month, on Feb­ru­ary 18th, Zula Den presents a Music Soul­ing in Los Ange­les, Cal­i­for­nia. Click here to buy tick­ets for the event.


How can we trans­form “feel­ing lost” into “believ­ing in your­self”? Where does our faith come from and how can we strength­en its core vibra­tion? Dust of Soul cre­at­ed “Music Soul­ing” to acti­vate your courage to believe in yourself.

What to expect:

  • A relax­ing “Music Breath­ing” where we inhale dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies played with the piano to re-align and ground ourselves.
  • An “Intu­itive Music Read­ing” chan­nel­ing with the group to con­nect you to your soul and feel its power.
  • A “Music Soul­ing” to receive your soul’s mes­sages and pow­er­ful insights for your next steps.
  • A “Chakra Bal­anc­ing” to sup­port and assist you in your dai­ly life with pow­er­ful tools.

«This group is tak­ing a unique path to music. They are doing inspi­ra­tional and impro­vi­sa­tion­al music when they get on stage. They have their songs, but they are also inter­act­ing with the audi­ence and feel­ing the ener­gy of the audience—something they call “Music Souling”—to let them express their music as it comes to them nat­u­ral­ly dur­ing the course of their concerts.»

— Jef­frey Segal, host of “The Mys­tic Jour­ney Podcast”
Dust of Soul met with Mae­jor at the Cul­ture Col­lec­tive event at Viceroy in San­ta Mon­i­ca, California

Bring­ing “Sound Heal­ing” mainstream

Every­thing is vibra­tion. Every­thing vibrates at a fre­quen­cy. We do and also does life around us. As we are becom­ing more aware of how we vibrate, we can con­scious­ly re-align with our core vibra­tion and pos­i­tive­ly impact us and our environment. 

But how do we become aware of our own core vibra­tion? Because we all vibrate unique­ly and our soul’s core vibra­tion has the poten­tial to reveal our own poten­tial and sup­port us in our purpose.

For Dust of Soul, music is the answer. Music in the moment that reflect tonal­ly how we vibrate at our very own core. “Intu­itive Music Read­ing” offers insight as we hear our own music through vocals and piano and lyrics that Dust of Soul chan­nel in the moment. They believe that music is our most pow­er­ful tool to re-con­nect with our­selves and tru­ly fol­low our hearts. 

Mae­jor is the first notable pop artist to release music at a fre­quen­cy of 432 Hertz tun­ing, which is con­sid­ered a heal­ing fre­quen­cy. His vision is to go beyond record­ing and pro­duc­ing a feel-good track. “A sim­ple way of describ­ing the process is that by the music vibrat­ing in fre­quen­cies that match nature they help bring the lis­ten­er into increased har­mo­ny,” says Mae­jor. As Dust of Soul, he intends to raise the aware­ness to fre­quen­cies in the music we lis­ten to.

And with Dust of Soul chan­nel­ing the soul songs, every­one get a very pow­er­ful tool into their hands: to con­nect with their own soul’s vibra­tion, because as we lis­ten to our own soul song in 432 Hertz tun­ing, our cells adapt to our own fre­quen­cy. This way we start to re-con­nect with our­selves, make bet­ter sus­tain­able deci­sions for our­selves, and expe­ri­ence ful­fill­ment by “liv­ing from our soul”. 

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