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Music in times of the Corona crisis

When everything is going normally it is easy to be there for each other. But what if the extraordinary situation is proclaimed? Dust of Soul cannot give concerts either. But they can give music to give courage and comfort.

With their new song ‘Min Held’ (from Swiss German: ‘My Hero’), Dust of Soul would like to say THANKS – GRAZIE – MERCI – THANK YOU to everyone with the message: “Don’t give up. Together we go this way. After every low there is a high again. Together we have a lot more power.”
It is unbelievable what a lot of people are doing to help people during this Corona crisis. From neighbors to friends to healthcare.

Everyone can be a hero in everyday life. Be it with neighborhood help or to be there as a friend with a loving phone call. You can do a lot with that. That’s why you’re a hero too. This is very important now, because humanity suffers the most during this corona crisis. The most important thing is humanity. We have to stay at home, but we can try to find positive aspects out of this crisis.

The music can speak directly to people’s hearts. Give you strength and courage to endure this difficult time. If we are all human, we will survive this crisis together.

Music really has no language …
Rather, it addresses universal citizens in one language, namely love …
Congratulations to Saskia Stäuble and Michael Odermatt, who have thought of all the men and women who are fighting COVID 19 all over the world

Kabeer Yousuf, journalist at ‘Oman Observer’

Dust of Soul want to release strength and positive energy with the song ‘Min Held’ to survive this crisis. We wish you all the very best during this time. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Today’s cinema event at the STATTKINO Bourbaki Panorama in Lucerne has been postponed to 3 May 2020. We hope to see you then. All further information can be found here.

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