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Dust of Soul In Colors Album

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Released on 25 March 2019

After 110 live concerts around the world, the Swiss duo “Dust of Soul”, Opera Pop, released their first album, “Dust of Soul in Colors”. The ‘Opera Pop’ duo is known for its rich, multi-faceted voice and touching, touching melodies on the grand piano. They now go further and mix different styles (rap, classical ballet, Indian, Latin). These bold combinations take you to a world where anything is possible.

Disc 1
  1. Flow 03:55
  2. Victory 03:45
  3. Feel feat. Yaw Boso 03:21
  4. Believe 05:55
  5. Unstoppable feat. Rodry-Go 02:56
  6. Rainbow 04:12
  7. Friendship 03:47
  8. Hometown 03:09
Disc 2
  1. Flow [Official Music Video] 04:05
  2. MTV India Live Concert Film [City Amphitheater Qurum, Muscat, Oman] 16:43
    1. Believe
    2. Live Piano Improvisation
    3. The Color of Oman is Love

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