Indian-Swiss romance Music Love hits 100,000 views

Four different musicians are getting together to meet the greatest love of their lives: Music Love is an epic hymn, a story of romance and journey of the soul.

Bollywood meets Swiss Opera-Pop – Smile Music Video Release

Bollywood actor Yash Choudhary is looking for his smile in the shadow of the city of Mumbai. He follows the call of the music he hears in his heart – over and over again … will he find it … ??

Positive Music Power with Dust of Soul (Opera-Pop) at the Shopping Center Forum 2020

Dust of Soul accompanied this YEAR’S SWISS CONGRESS of the 13th SHOPPING CENTER FORUM 2020 with “Positive Music Power”.

Lovesick. Heartache. Dust of Soul release Rainbow

Lovesick. Heartache. Many of us know about the deep pain of lovesickness. Others are spared in part. My first love was true, intense and wild. And I thought about my future. But then the break came. I did not know that a breakup could pull you down like this. But...

Opportunities lurk even in this crisis

“Is there anyone out there whose lives are not touched by the corona virus pandemic?”, Muscat based ‘Black & White Oman’ is asking. They published an article featuring Dust of Soul as part of their Corona Diaries in their online magazine.

Music in times of the Corona crisis

When everything is going normally it is easy to be there for each other. But what if the extraordinary situation is proclaimed? Dust of Soul say thank you to everyone who gives everything during the Corona crisis to help people with their new song ‘Min Held’.

Swiss artists with two Music Video Shootings in Mumbai, India

Dust of Soul will release a new song ‘Smile’ in early 2020. The music video is featuring Indian Actor Yash Choudhary and was filmed in January 2020 in Mumbai.

Opera-Pop debut performance kicks off India Tour 2020

Mumbai is full of Bollywood, culture – international artists bringing audiences to different venues, clubs, and bars every single night. And Mumbai is also the city where Dust of Soul will appear live for the first time in India.

New Dates for the “In Colors” Tour Just Announced

The “In Colors” tour 2019 was a huge success, ending the year in a Top 10 result at the National Finals of an European Contest and compliments from the Berklee College of Music and Sony Music. Now the tour continues…

Top 10 finalist in Switzerland at the European Music Contest Tour Music Fest

28,000 artists from all over Europe participated at the 12th Tour Music Fest. Dust of Soul made it into the top 10 at the National Finals.


MTV India show with Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurrana

MTV India show with Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurrana

Dust of Soul made their debut in an Amphitheater stage with the performance at Muscat City Ampthitheater Qurum on 26 October 2017. With the introduction as “the sensation duo from Switzerland” Dust of Soul opened the show for Indian Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurrana,

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