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Won­der­land (Offi­cial Video)

Dust of Soul feat. Cortés Kimberly
Released: 14 January 2022
Dust of Soul present WONDERLAND
Starring: Dust of Soul "Dusty", Dust of Soul "MiKey", Kimberly Cortés
With: Radioactive Dancecrew as "Rabbits", Orchidea Lüthi as "Queen" and Gervasio Wimper as "Mad Hatter"
Music by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Written by: Saskia Stäuble
Rap written by: Kimberly Cortés
Story by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Directed by: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Co-Directed by: Shapex Films
Produced by: Dust of Soul
Executive Producer: Michael Odermatt
Co-Produced by: Shapex Films
Art Director: Saskia Stäuble, Michael Odermatt
Director of Photography: Shapex Films, Michael Odermatt
Edited by: Michael Odermatt
Visual Effects by: Michael Odermatt
Production Designer: Michael Odermatt
Costume Designer: Saskia Stäuble
Make Up Artist: Leandra Bombelli
Assistant Cinematographer: Marius Tausch
Casting by: Saskia Stäuble
Locations: Antique-Unique "Vintage-Bistro" Nidau, Luzia's Barber Shop Biel
Music recorded at: Dust of Soul Studios
Rap recorded at: Touch Productions
Music mastered at: Abbey Road Studios, London
All Artworks & Designs are sole property of Dust of Soul
Copyright © 2022 Dust of Soul. All rights reserved.

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