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Singer Dusty

Sask­ia Stäuble

Sask­ia Stäu­ble has been singing since her ear­ly child­hood. Her pas­sion for music lit­er­al­ly shines from her heart and she nev­er lost her confidence.

Born in Basel, Switzer­land, she began singing in choirs and the­atres at the age of six. Lat­er, she began wit­ing lyrics and poems and start­ed to com­pose melodies.

At age of 16, she got a con­tract from a label in Ger­many with her girl group «Cat Eyes». As she had not reached adult age, her par­ents decid­ed she should keep her focus on her cook­ing train­ing. She need­ed to sign an agree­ment to stop singing.

After suc­cess­ful­ly com­plet­ing her edu­ca­tion, she pur­sued a career in the hos­pi­tal­i­ty indus­try: she worked in 4-star hotels and high-class gourmet restau­rants. She has been a chef for a long time and has led kitchens and ser­vice teams. Lat­er, she focused more on nutri­tion and how to imple­ment it in life for best results in per­son­al health and career. She start­ed to sup­port peo­ple as a nutri­tion and men­tal coach and trained high-lev­el ath­letes and peo­ple in top positions.

At age of 30, her life took a dra­mat­ic turn: out of noth­ing she suf­fered from a brain stroke. For her it was the awak­en­ing she need­ed and, at the same time, a sec­ond chance to final­ly ful­fil her dream of becom­ing a singer. She was very encour­aged to inter­pret this as a call­ing because, like a mir­a­cle, she was com­plete­ly cured after only three days.

To start over in her life, she trav­eled to New York City. There she wrote her first song on a bench in Cen­tral Park. In a New York hotel, she got dis­cov­ered by a music pro­duc­er and was offered to record a song in his stu­dio. She took the oppor­tu­ni­ty and decid­ed to come back to New York to work on her music…

Pianist MiKey

Michael Oder­matt

Michael Oder­matt was born in Lucerne, Switzer­land. At the age of six, he first dis­cov­ered a Grand Piano in a music store and was fas­ci­nat­ed. He was for­tu­nate to have a clas­si­cal edu­ca­tion on the piano for eight years.

As a teenag­er, he got engaged as a pianist in a gospel choir and played in var­i­ous bands at the same time. At that time he went on tour with a Swiss band. He found­ed his own for­ma­tions and played reg­u­lar­ly in con­certs. Beside music he was edu­cat­ed as a mer­chant and trained to work in the munic­i­pal admin­is­tra­tion. Although he fol­lowed his pro­fes­sion­al career as a busi­ness­man in trust and film production/distribution com­pa­nies, the piano has always been his great­est pas­sion. Even when he enjoyed being relo­cat­ed for a posi­tion in New York City.

Despite all of that, he only became aware of his inner deter­mi­na­tion for music when he first met Sask­ia Stäu­ble in July 2012. That is when he made a 360-degree turn in his life. From one day to the next, he decid­ed to work as a pro­fes­sion­al pia­nis, quit his job, and leave his apartment.

Ever since, Sask­ia and Michael are liv­ing out of their suit­cas­es and are con­stant­ly on the move. This flex­i­bil­i­ty has proved to be the key to their suc­cess, as they were able to trav­el inter­na­tion­al­ly on a reg­u­lar basis and on short notice for longer peri­ods of time. In 2013, Dust of Soul got very pop­u­lar on social media in Tunisia. 60’000 Tunisians fol­low them on Facebook.

In 2016, their music spread to the Mid­dle East to Oman and 2018 to India, where today more than 110’000 peo­ple fol­low Dust of Soul. Sask­ia and Michael trav­eled numer­ous times to all of these coun­tries to ini­ti­ate music projects and per­form in live concerts…

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