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500,000 views for Won­der­land feat. Cortés Kimberly

Dust of Soul reach 500,000 views with music viideo «Won­der­land» feat. Cortés Kim­ber­ly in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Gram­my Award win­ner Andy Wal­ter, Abbey Road Studios

New «Won­der­land» Teas­er 2

Welcome to Wonderland. New teaser out now! Wonderland featuring Cortés Kimberly with Orchidea Lüthi as "Queen" and Gervasio Wimper as "Mad Hatter". Wonderland ... It is all in your hand. Watch the first teaser now: https://youtu.be/pVIC-cPQuls Dust of Soul –...

Tele­Bielingue live at the video shoot «Won­der­land»

«The Nidau vintage bistro and Tim Burton's world-famous film «Alice in Wonderland». These were exactly the main ingredients for the new music video from the opera/pop duo Dust of Soul.» TeleBielingue was there live with a report … «In proper style, the characters look...

Gervasio Wimper

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