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Oman & Switzerland — Humanity First



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OCT 2017

Oman & Switzerland — Humanity First: Music Show & Poetry Reading

Oman & Switzerland — Humanity First

New Show in Muscat: Music & Poetry of Lubna Al Balushi

Dust of Soul presents a second event in Oman with their very well received Musical Show. The self-created music style, with the powerful voice of the singer Saskia Stäuble, known as Dusty, reminds us of the diversity of a musical play, as well as the depth of the soul music. The pianist Michael Odermatt’s, known as MiKey, sensitive Grand Piano-playing evokes emotion as in the case of film music. Together, the self-composed songs reach a never-before-heard symphony of modernity and classical music, drawn by the two strongly characterised personalities.
Dust of Soul stands out with the talent to create music on the stage “live” at the moment. This creates an unprecedented proximity between artists and the audience with a magnetised atmosphere.
The event at the Grand Hyatt Muscat features also Omani Multilingual Poet Lubna Al Balushi. Ms Al Balushi will present their poetries & photography visually as canvases.
Omani Poet Lubna Al Balushi and Swiss Music duo Dust of Soul create an evening for a fusion of the Swiss and Omani cultures and an exchange of stories through poetry and music. With the event headline “Humanity First” Ms Al Balushi and Dust of Soul give a clear message to bring together humanity through arts and build a bridge between the European and Arabic world.
Here you will find everything about the Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel, as well as further information:



Saturday, 14 October 2017
19:00 – 21:00
Free entrance
Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel
Shaati Al Qurum
Muscat 113 – Oman

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The cultural event will be hosted by Dust of Soul in cooperation with Lubna Al Balushi as a guest at the Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel

Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel


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