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Health Podi­um “Ein­sortiert – Mal Anders” with music

Health Podium "Einsortiert – Mal Anders" with music

23 Oct 2019

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm 

Volk­shaus Zurich
Zurich – Switzerland 

This event has already happened.

The asso­ci­a­tion GLEICH UND ANDERS Switzer­land presents the event series “Ein­sortiert – Mal Anders” – a tri­a­log­i­cal health podi­um with music. For the pro­mo­tion of men­tal health, GLEICH UND ANDERS Switzer­land invites experts to a pan­el dis­cus­sion in order to sen­si­tize, stig­ma­tize and medi­ate as bridge builders.

A bad day or bad mood at a par­ty? Or just bore­dom? This is to be reme­died quick­ly with music. But music can do much more than just dri­ve away bore­dom: it can heal.
The Health Podi­um “Ein­sortiert – Mal Anders” is exact­ly that. What does a melody or lyrics do in a per­son? Is it pos­si­ble that human cells react to it?
Again and again you hear of peo­ple who have awak­ened from the coma by music ther­a­py. Even with depres­sion, the right music – or even mak­ing music or danc­ing – can have a pos­i­tive effect. The fact that the hor­mone sero­tonin is released in the body makes you feel bet­ter immediately.

At the health pan­el, the pro­tag­o­nists dis­cuss men­tal dis­or­ders. Ques­tions about how one’s own abil­i­ties can be acquired again in order to pur­sue one’s per­son­al inter­ests stood in the room. At this point we are look­ing for relax­ation. That sounds, har­monies and rhythms can have a heal­ing effect on the psy­che has been known for mil­len­nia. It is not with­out rea­son that music ther­a­py has seen a boom in recent years to treat phys­i­cal ail­ments as well as men­tal ill­ness­es such as depression.

For this rea­son, GLEICH UND ANDERS Switzer­land engaged the ‘Opera Pop’ musi­cians duo Dust of Soul to per­form live. The audi­ence should feel first-hand what a pos­i­tive effect the music has. Dust of Soul clear­ly bet on this pow­er and intend to moti­vate, empow­er and inspire their audience.

Read more about the Health Podi­um “Ein­sortiert – Mal Anders” with Dust of Soul: The Pow­er of Music as a Heal­ing of Men­tal Health

Doors open at 7:00 PM.
The event starts at 7:30 PM. 


Dust of Soul


There is a col­lec­tion at the door


You will find all infor­ma­tion about the event series here: www.gleichundandersschweiz.ch

Spon­sors & Partners

  • GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz presents the event series 'Einsortiert – Mal Anders'
  • Eventserie GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz 'Einsortiert – Mal Anders' mit Dust of Soul im Volkshaus Zurich
  • Dust of Soul Foundation Humanity First


Volk­shaus Zurich
Stauf­fach­er­strasse 60 
8004 Zurich

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