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Featured in Magazine «Neue Wege Gehen»

5 February 2015

«Going an own way is never easy. If you then would like to follow a path that is not trodden down, a stony march is ahead of you. The duo Dust of Soul can literally sing a song about this.»

«These two are unstoppable» the headline the magazine opens their title story about Dust of Soul.

Dust of Soul is a story of inspiration, a way of believing in oneself even in the darkest time when there seems no way out and no light shines. These are the moments that bring us to ourselves so the next little step can be gone. Indeed, it needs a lot of courage and patience choosing the own way of pure authenticity and honesty. It is a journey to the own self with challenges to overcome that exist in our minds.

New York City was at the beginning of the story and continues to be their greatest inspiration. From the city’s spirit – “everything is possible” – to the American “Let’s do it” mentality one can feel a lot in the songs of Dust of Soul. Dusty and MiKey even say to have found a key to that leads through hard times: To believe in oneself and not to stop in between. This is a strong line of the lyrics in the song “Dreaming”.

«The world of Dust of Soul is characterized by warm humor, deep thoughts and honest emotions. One cannot imagine that at the beginning of all this was a blow of fate.»

Introduction by journalist Nando Rohner of the article

The determination and strength Dusty and MiKey found in themselves took a long path in their lives and goes back to the time when both stood before a decision to quit their ‘normal lives’ and follow their passion – fully without compromise.

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