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OCT 2017

Dust of Soul’s new Musical Show at the Château Gütsch Luzern

Dust of Soul's neue Musical Show between Classic & Rebellion

Dust of Soul’s new Musical Show between Classic & Rebellion

Dust of Soul is «Live in Concert» with its new program: Dust of Soul – The Musical Show between Classical & Rebellion. The success story of Dust of Soul begins in 2012 in New York and has spread worldwide since.
The successful story of Dust of Soul begins in 2012 in New York and has spread worldwide ever since.
The self-created music style, with the powerful voice of the singer, reminds us of the diversity of a musical play, as well as the depth of the soul music. The pianist’s sensitive Grand Piano-playing evokes emotion as in the case of film music. Together, the self-composed songs reach a never-before-heard symphony of modernity and classical music, drawn by the two strongly characterised personalities.
Dust of Soul stands out with the talent to create music on the stage “live” at the moment. This creates an unprecedented proximity between artists and the audience with a magnetised atmosphere.
Here you will find everything about the castle Château Gütsch, as well as further information:



Sunday, 1 October 2017
15:00 – 17:00
Free entrance | Collection
Château Gütsch
6003 Lucerne – Switzerland

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The Musical Show will be hosted by Dust of Soul as a guest at the castle Château Gütsch Lucerne

Château Gütsch Lucerne


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