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APR 2017

Dust of Soul invites to the Grand Spirng Concert at the Château Gütsch Lucerne

Dust of Soul Grand Spring Concert - Neue Musical Show

New Musical Show with Violinist Angela Schreier

World premiere at Château Gütsch Lucerne: The international known Swiss Music Duo Dust of Soul will be accompanied for the first time by Violinist Angela Schreier.
Dust of Soul stands for the powerful voice of the Basel Vocalist Saskia Stäuble, also known as Dusty, and the emotional piano playing of Lucerne pianist Michael Odermatt, alias MiKey. With self-composed songs, the artists have been traveling around the world with their own music style for more than 4 years. Started on New York’s Broadway, Dust of Soul are very committed to music projects in the Arab world – in Tunisia and Oman. So you will meet the magic of the Orient in the style of a thousand and one night at this festival of music.
Vocalist Dusty and Pianist MiKey appear regularly in Switzerland and once again enjoy the venerable castle Gütsch. Let yourself be touched and enchanted and take the strength with you into the spring. We look forward to you.
Here you can find everything about the fairytale castle Château Gütsch, as well as further information:



Sunday, 2 April 2017
14:30 – 16:30
Entrance free | Collection
Château Gütsch
6003 Lucerne – Switzerland

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The Grand Spring Concert will be hosted by Dust of Soul as a guest at the fairytale castle Château Gütsch Lucerne

Château Gütsch Lucerne


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